Sunday, 28 June 2009

Project 52 ... 19

This is the wonderful Carole.

D200, Tamron 17 - 50 f2.8, SB 800 gridspot camera left

A fantastic and cheerful lady and always with a smile or a new pair of shoes, it's shoes again...

We spent a few quick moments in Carole and Paul's back garden (you can see Paul here), but the sun was very bright and throwing harsh shadows all over the place. Not very flattering. So we retired to the side of the house where I could control the light better. My VAL, (remember - voice activated lightstand) Katy was holding the SB 800 with a gridspot on it aimed directly at Carole's head. I was looking for the light to fall off fairly gently from Carole's face, but enough to give us a dramatic shadow and keep Carole in the spotlight.

And what lady does not want to be in the spotlight...

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