Friday, 26 June 2009

Project 52 ... 18

This David. David is a very modest retired gentleman. He is sincere, fun to talk to, and always interested in what people have to say. David used to fly planes, but not just any planes, jet fighter planes and not just any jet fighter planes, but he was part of the RAF fighter display team that were there before the Red Arrows. So next time you see the Red Arrows, David is probably one of the guys who taught them!

The day I went to photograph David was a lovely Saturday in May. I was going to ask to take his portrait later on in the year, but the person I had scheduled to shoot could not make it, so he very kindly offered to bail me out so I could keep to the one portrait a week rule I have set myself.

Well, I knew it wouldn't end with one shot. His wonderful wife, Christina was there and I asked her if I could take her portrait too. Christina was a natural in front of the camera and perhaps the easiest lady to photograph. Her elegance and poise suffuses the photograph. She also makes the best lemon posset desert this side of anywhere!
And then I broke my own rule.
D200, Sb 800 in softbox to camera left.
I took a joint portrait, but it is a perfect shot for a great couple. Thanks David and Christina for bailing me out!
The Sb 800 in a soft box was set to 1/2 power on the SU 4 optical remote, I under-exposed the ambient light to get the sun to act as a rim light.

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  1. Keep it coming Noel; loving this stuff ;o)