Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends, here in the UK, back home in Ireland, new friends in the USA and friends who are even further afield! I hope that the new year brings you all the success that you wish for and all the happiness that goes with it.

This year has been an interesting year for me, with many new things happening. I want to thank my wife Catherine, (Mrs H), my son Cein and daughter Katy for supporting me in my photographic endeavours. They have put up with a lot of... 'can you just sit there... I want to try out a new lighting idea...' you get the picture. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you! Here's to you!

And then there is the #curryclub! What can I say about the #curryclub? As one of the inaugural members, here's to hoping it goes from strength to strength this year with a lot of laughs, more shooting and the odd curry along the way. I hope we can get some of the American folk shooting with us this year, so if you are listening and you are over here, give us a call! We'd love to have you! But seriously, you guys; Brian, Dave, Glyn, David, John, Keith and Gareth have been great friends and a lifeline for me. Here's to you guys!

So, come Midnight, I shall raise a glass to you, my friends, and say Happy New Year,

All the best

Sunday, 18 December 2011

'You!... you're one of us!'

Well, my good friend Dave, known to countless millions as Nappmember UK, please visit the website here... well he finally got me to join NAPP, The National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Its been a few weeks now and I can honestly say that I haven't looked back since. At the moment there a a number of deals to be had for joining. I took the one that gave me all the back issues of Photoshop User magazine for 2010. A great bargain, but there a other deals available, check out the website above for a number of them, Dave always keeps the website up to date.

The amount of learning that is on the NAPP website is phenomenal. There are instructional videos, walkthroughs, a forum for photoshop chat, and, as you would expect in the photography world, everyone is extremely friendly and wants to help. The NAPP home page is here; it is a Kelby Media Group enterprise, and again, when Scott Kelby gets involved gets involved you know it is going to be good.

Thanks to Dave Clayton for finally twisting my arm, I should have joined years ago! and to Glyn Dewis for al the photoshop help and encouragement. So if you use photoshop, are a photographer, then give NAPP a look, you will not be disappointed.

This year has been a joining year for me; the #curryclub is going from strength to strength, we are having a great laugh there! But one other place I have become hooked on is 500px. 500px is a website for photographers best photographs. As my good friend Glyn Dewis puts it; if flickr is a place for people to appreciate your photographs and give you a hug, then 500px is about your best photographs with other photographers best photographs, and then some, and feedback from each other. The photographs are all amazing.

You can have a free account, but I was lucky enough to upgrade to an 'awesome' account on Black Friday, where those lovely people at 500px gave a whopping 50% discount. Check their website out here. Do check out my portfolio, and have a browse at the amazing photos that are on the site, but be warned... Its addictive, you will find hours pass away.

That's it for now, enjoy the run up to the festivities, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the best,


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...

Vocalarity, the mad, zany and very eccentric, quintessentially British acting troupe!

And this is no word of a lie. Photographing them was a laugh a minute! Vocalarity is Philippa, Liz, Alex and Tristan, four of the nicest 'luvvies' you will ever meet, actually, they aren't really luvvies at all. just a bunch of really funny people.

They are known for their engagements at fringe festivals, after dinner events, they have even been known to set up a sofa, standard lamp, rug and begin acting in a park in Guildford! I would so loved to have seen that one!

This was their shoot...

We spent over three hours in the studio (GDS Wokingham - another great night Gareth!) Lots of laughs and even a glass of champagne! And my good friend Glyn Dewis popped in and took some of his infamous character head shots! A big thanks to Philippa, Liz, Alex and Tristan!
Vocalarity are currently putting together a new website with photographs from the shoot. I shall post a link when it is up and running. In the meantime if anyone has a message for the troupe, or you would like to book them for an engagement, please drop me a line and I shall pass it on!

All the best guys, and I look forward to our next shoot!