Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Project 52 ... 27

This is Roger.

D200, Tamron 17 - 50 f2.8, natural light

Roger is an Architect and has been practising for a number of years with great success. He has won many awards over the years. But what he is known for outside of work is climbing. he has climbed more mountains than most people on the planet! His last trip was to a peak in the Everest range a mere 200m lower than the main peak itself! Frost bite and the cold mean nothing to him! (I wasn't going to climb a mountain for this shot, the stairs were high enough!)

This picture is taken in his studio, in the gods, in the natural light streaming in from a rooflight to camera left. He climbs up here everyday, right. This photograph is an interesting contrast with the next one of Ross. Most architects use computers in their work and in Roger's office this is no exception, but he still uses a drawing board. I should at this point add that he is an advanced Autocad user, with a certificate to prove it...

Thanks for letting me take this shot Roger.

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