Saturday, 14 January 2012

#Curryclub goes Burlesque...

well, almost! The latest meet of the #curryclub was back in December, the 19th, in Gareth Davies Studios, in Wokingham, UK. We had three great models, Bethany, Annie and Elan. The photographers were Brian, Gareth, Dave, John and myself. A few of our members could not make it so close to Christmas and were missed during the day! 


What I love about these days is that you can experiment; let your imagination run wild. So I tried to let it do just that. My quote of the day would have to have been when setting up the Caught shot above, when I had to ask Annie if she could open her legs a bit more... The whole studio erupted in laughter and we had to set the shot up again. I didn't do it on purpose, honest.



Annie + Elan

 A great day was had by all, and I enjoyed a curry with Gareth and Dave afterwards. A big thanks to John and Brian for inviting Annie and Bethany, to Elan, always a pleasure to shoot, to Gareth for the provision of the best studio in this spiral arm of the galaxy and to fellow #curryclub members! Here's to the next shoot!

And finally... photography may be always about pushing the boundaries and looking for the next great shot... but its important to always have a good laugh...


  1. Love it! My fave by far is Tension, of course. Your curry club has inspired me to start a "Coffee Club" of some local chick photographers so we can laugh a bit and support each other in this crazy world of images.

    Well done, All the best from me!

  2. Fantastic! I can't wait to see the first Coffee Club shoot! All chicks, you say... #curtyclub is all blokes at the moment! #Curryclub is a great bunch of lads that have a great laugh, hopefully it will go from strength to strength!

    Thanks for stopping by Kelley, and for the kind words!

    All the best,

  3. Great stuff Noel, wish I could make more Curry Clubs, you got some great shots.
    As for the legs, yep been there, blushed like a lit flare. :)

  4. Hey, Jonathan, thanks for the comment! It eas funny, and a tad embarassing as well!

    All the best,