Saturday, 1 January 2011

A very Happy New Year to all...!!!

2010 is behind us and 2011 is here. What a year it has been! Full of ups and downs, but mostly, I am happy to say, ups! This year has thought me that photography is a wonderful tool to make things happen. I'll be posting more about this as the year goes on.

A new year, a new project. I shall be spending more time in the studio and more time working on my portfolio. Not quite sure what the project will be yet; too many great ideas I am happy to say!

I was given a present of an iPad this year from a very good friend of mine, so I am hoping this will help in the social networking side of things. No resolutions, I am just going to do more of the stuff I love. This next year is going to be focused (pardon the pun) on having maximum fun with my photography.

 I leave you with this piece of street art I came across in Dublin last year...

Artist... unknown,
but maybe that's their 'tag' in the corner,
whoever you are, great spraying!

So, all the best for the New Year and may all your wishes come through...



  1. Happy New Year to you and the family, Noel. Looks like the iPad gift has been serving you well from your recent tweeting activities. Just be careful to watch your wallet - it will get lighter with forthcoming app purchases ;-)

    Looking forward to reading more about this new, as yet undefined, project.



  2. HAppy New Year Noel! Wonderful to catch up on your blog! I can't wait to see what you do this year!!

    Enjoy! Kelley

  3. @ David, thanks for dropping in - the first commented of 2011! And yes, the iPad makes all this social stuff very easy, as for the project you'll have to wait a while. Work is getting in the way at the moment... Toilet block planning, the glamorous worl of architecture... And a happy new year to you and yours too David, must get another curry soon!

    @Kelly, great to catch up with you too. Some great shots on your blog. Happy new year to you Kelley and your family.Thanks for the comments.

    All the best guys,