Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A New Toy

I had the good luck to be given a Lastolite Ezybox softbox for my birthday last December and up until now I haven’t had a chance to use it. Katy and I set it up last night and had a play with it.

First impressions are that it’s a doddle to put up; a flick of the wrist and the softbox takes shape. I am not going to go into the how to set it up as it was fairly straightforward, if you use one you'll see what I mean. Putting it away was just as easy. I made one modification; I removed the cold shoe that came with the bracket and replaced it with one of the flash triggers I use. The model I got was the 60cm one.

The light from it was amazing and very controllable. It was made for the type of portrait shots I like to do; film noir. I have been getting similar results with using a closed down reflective umbrella, but the draw back of this approach is that there is the umbrella rod close to your subjects face just waiting to poke their eye out. Not recommended. And also I find it harder to reach in close to the subjects face to adjust the flash output. The softbox can be almost touching the models face and you still have easy access to the flash, because nits behind it.

the setup

I have yet to use it outside, but given the weight and shape it cannot be any worse than an umbrella in the wind. Fort these shots we killed the ambient, more or less and then added back in the softbox light.

And thanks again to Katy for being the model… and the photography in the end...

Noel and Katy


  1. Gorgeous light, and models too! It's a very warm and lovely light. Nothing better than equipment given as gifts! Enjoy!
    Can't wait to see what you do with all this new light.

    Katy is pro.

  2. Hi Noel,

    What a great birthday present. Quality of light looks really good and I like the simplicity and portability aspect that you get with Lastolite products. Like Kelley say's I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to with this modifier.

    I've often wondered how good these Lastolite products were. I know they're a good brand (I used to sell their products many years ago when I worked in a photo store) but hadn't seen some real life examples. Thankfully you've now given me that :-)

    My wife Bev has been asking me what I'd like for my impending 40th birthday and up until yesterday I coulnd't think of anything. Thanks to you I think I've just found the very thing!

    Hope you & the family are well,


    PS I see Katy's contract as second shooter has been renewed ;-)

  3. @Kelley, thanks for the comment, I am enjoying it and have another shoot set up for Saturday! Katy will be there too!

    @David, I can only say that the Ezybox is a brilliant bit of kit. And would be an ideal 40th birthday gift! Thanks for dropping in. We should get together for a drink or two for your birthday...

    Thanks to you guys I have just realized that his blog is fast becoming 'Hannan and Hannan'!

    All the best guys,

  4. Noel, maybe you should re-title the blog to "The Two Hannans"

    Katy: "It's goodnight from me..."
    Noel: "...and it's goodnight from her."


  5. Top pressie; a great bit of kit and one that I use alot!

    Enjoy playing mate,

  6. @ David i like that idea has a bit of a ring to it

    Katy :)