Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year to Maria and Joe

As part of that project last year, I photographed Joe one summer evening. A great time was had by all. At the end of the shoot, which didn't last very long - as we were all eager to get back to the great Sicilian feast they had prepared, I persuaded Maria, his beautiful partner, to pose with him. The tone when photographing Joe had been moody and thoughtful, so we took a final shot in the same vein. One frame was all it took and I had the shot. Sometimes it really does happen like that. 

Maria and Joe
A nicer couple you could not meet!

I wanted to wish them a happy new year as they ahd a bit of a let down at Christmas. Long story short; they, and all their family were due to fly to the USA and take a cruise down south, but couldn't get out of Gatwick because of the white stuff! Maria's brother managed to make it from Manchester, but he was the only one to get away! I bet he enjoyed that! And this was a special family celebration, Maria's Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! Anyway, I am told they are planning on taking the holiday in the new year. I wish them all good luck and curse the snow!

You will remember Maria as one of the first portraits from the previous year. A pleasure to shoot, and you can't say that everyday. Definitely one of the favourites, here it is again; Maria in her trademark pink.

(definitely one of the favourites...)

Happy New Year guys,
and I am looking forward to seeing next years holiday snaps...


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