Saturday, 12 December 2009

Jimmy Choo 72 ... shoe photo competition

Yeah, thats right, I said shoes... there's a theme running through here...

The competition was set up to promote awareness of HIV and Aids in South Africa and 25% of net sales of a new collection created by Jimmy Choo specifically for this worthwhile cause is going direct to the Elton John Aids Foundation. A myriad of different styles of photography and images was submitted and I am delighted to say that I was a runner up with... Seduction...


I submitted two other photographs along this theme...

The Creation of Eve

Red Shoe Diaries, page 72
(this shot was featured on the Jimmy Choo 72 home page)
The '72' is significant as this is the timescale that vital life saving treatment has to be administered for these people to have any chance at controlling this terrrible disease. A big thank you to Jimmy Choo for the competition and for creating an awareness of this issue and the judges for picking my shot as a runner up. The competition entries can be seen here at

All the shots were taken on a Nikon D200, ISO 100 set on a tripod at f8 and the shutter left open for about 6 - 8 seconds. The light trails are from a Mini Maglite torch with the lense off and the shoes courtesy of Catherine.  And a thank you to Catherine for balancing in 'Seduction' (very seductively...!) for the 8 seconds!

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  1. HUGE Congratulations to you Noel; well and truly deserved.

    Really love these images.