Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Project 52 ... 25

Meet Glyn...

D200, Nikon 105 Vr, ambient light

I have only known Glyn for about a year or so. We met through our mutual passion for photography, the big difference being that Glyn gets to do it all day everyday! He is a gifted and talented photographer and his pictures are excellent. He is also a nice guy too!

He led the Scott Kelby Photowalk last year in Windsor and is doing the same this year in Guildford. I am on the list and looking forward to it! You can see some of his fantastic work here.

This shot was taken in one of the covered entrances in Eton a few weeks ago. Eton is a great place for location portraits as there are not too many tourists and just enough people wandering around with a camera for you to not stand out. The photo is the result of a technique Glyn showed me on the day. When the sun is harsh, find an area that is shaded with a top cover, with your subject in the shade, the light bounces around and they are in a sort of softbox, then use the exposure compensation mode and over expose a stop or two until you get the desired effect. It is all done with ambient light. And nobody used strobes...

D200, Nikon 105 Vr, ambient light

This shot was for another project, Half Cut is the working title.

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