Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Project 52 ... 24

Meet Cathy. A wonderful lady I met in my Spanish class!

D200, SB 80, shoot thro' umbrella to camera left

Cathy spends half of her time here and the other half in sunny Spain. Where her excellent grasp of the language no doubt comes in handy! Her she is amongst one of her vices ... handbags! We've dealt with shoes ... sort of ... I guess its a natural progression to handbags

This was a first for me - the first use of a shoot through umbrella. The flash was set to 1/4 power and, as usual, I dropped the ambient about a stop or so. Camera setts I don't remember, but about 1/250 or so.

Thanks Cathy for being a great sport! The shot took about half an hour to set up and get right and thanks again to my VAL, Katy.

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