Monday, 28 June 2010

Project 52 ... 51

Meet Joe.
Joe #1
Joe is an all round great guy and a wonderful partner to Maria, lucky man...(I photographed Maria way back here...) I only know Joe through Catherine's friendship with Maria, and only for a short time, but a nicer man you couldn't meet. When I asked him if I could take his portrait, he immediately responded yes, which is always a relief! And make no mistake this is a big deal; I have been reading and commenting on many blogs about how photography opens doors to meeting different people. These people give you a glimpse into their lives; they open a part of themselves up to you, put their trust in you to deliver a photograph that will last forever and become part of their lives. No pressure.
Joe #2
Both Joe and Maria hail from Sicilian families that immigrated over here in the 1960's I am told. British born, they speak fluent Italian and Sicilian. They have known each other since they were teenagers. Joe is a builder so we got on really well from the start, he showed me some of his completed projects on his iphone at which point I started to get jealous...

We made these shots on a very balmy Friday night during World Cup season; Maria and joe treated us to a fantastic barbecue, Sicilian style and then at about 8:00 I set up the shots.

The first was a simple set up in the front garden with the evening sky begining to fade behind. I threw in a bit of flash with an SB800 and a shoot through umbrella to camera left. I took a low vantage point which always works great on a man; makes you look tougher- Joe looks tough anyway.

I then changed tack and shot the SB800 into a reflecting umbrella closed down to only throw light on Joe's face. At this point the ladies were chatting over a glass of wine, time to break that up! It would have been rude not to have taken a shot of Maria and Joe together, so I did.
Joe and Maria
We had a wonderful night chatting and taking photographs in a really relaxed way; so a BIG thank you to Joe and Maria for being great hosts and great models too! I can't wait until the next barbecue!


  1. Hey Noel,

    Number 51 of 52....nearly there huh :)

    Real nice series of images mate along with some very nice words. I'm in no doubt Joe and Maria will be really pleased with the results.

    Now, all this talk of BBQ's has made me hungry so I'm off to raid the fridge :)

    Catch you later,

  2. Afternoon Noel.

    Another lovely series of images, but what I love most is Joe's strong hand "protecting" Maria's arm. Beautiful work.


  3. Hi Guys,

    @ Glyn, Maria was delighted with the photographs and has invited us back for another BBQ and to photograph her children, so good result there.

    I was supposed to be shooting #52 last night, but he had to cancel - so near...

    @ Daniel, now that you mention it I can see Joe's arm protecting Maria, I didn't notice it before. Its amazing what you see in photographs...

    It was a fun evening with some good shots, thanks for commenting guys,


  4. Noel,
    Beautiful series. My favorite is #2 and yes, I too noticed Joe's hand on Maria's arm, its such a beautiful "touch."

    Great job of reaching the end of your series, I will be looking forward to 52.


  5. Hi Kelley.
    thanks for commenting. I am looking forward to 52 as well!
    all the best

  6. Hi Noel,

    Sorry I haven't dropped by here again sooner.

    As you may know from our conversations and my various posts, I'm a sucker for mono images and I love the two such images you've posted here. The lighting is really well controlled and the PP really enhances the mood of the images.

    One question though, when you refer to be being jealous of Joe was it that you were jealous of the projects he's completed or the fact that he had an iPhone (or both?) ;-)

    Good luck in nailing #52 soon!



  7. @David,

    Hi David, some of the projects that Joe worked on were excellent; great design and great workmanship, which together make a great space.

    And of course there was the iPhone...

    I hope to shoot the last 52 this weekend!

    Dia dhuit,


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  9. @Raul,

    thank you for your kind commenmts and thanks fore dropping by. The blog is always great fun.

    all the best