Friday, 4 June 2010


What books do you read for inspiration?
Book Keeping...
There is a great series of books about Vogue...

Vogue Covers, published by Little, Brown, isbn 978-1-4087-0213-0. This book shows a selection of the best of the Vogue covers from 1916 to 2006. A great read and some insight into each cover is given.

People in Vogue, again published by Little, Brown, isbn 978-0-316-73114-0. Buy this book immediately, it is an amazing insight into the portraits from the many and vaired people that made it into the magazine.

Unseen Vogue, once again by Little, Brown, isbn 0-316-72766-0. Actually, buy this book immediately; it is the story of the shots that didn't make it into the pages of Vogue. A facinating insight into the world of fashion photography and the photographers.
And then some from Taschen...
Fashion Now by Taschen, isbn 3-8228-4075-0. A great book to flick through for inspiration. There are many versions available, I believe they update this book fairly often.
And probably my favourite and one that I constantly pick up...

Camera Work, another Taschen, they do publish great photobooks! isbn 978-3-8228-3784-9. this book is about the camera journal 'Camera Work', by a group of photographers that called themselves Photo-Secession. Curated by Alfred Stieglitz, this is an amazing body of works that spans from 1903 to 1917. From what must seem to us as a primitive age in photographic technology, these wonderful photographs have come. Buy this.

So, what do you pick up for inspiration?


  1. Great post Noel.
    When it comes to 'inspiration' i tend to use a whole mix of outlets. Whereas I do have a large collection of books (come to think of it I'm sure I've kept Amazon UK's share prices I tend to get most of my ideas from watching movies.

    I do also keep a scrap book of pictures that I've torn out of magazines and newspapers along the way (not mine either) so discretion is definitely asked for when doing this :)

    Movies, scrapbook and a daily trawl of favourite websites are generally where I look.


  2. Noel,

    I have to agree with Glyn on the books, other sites, and I have a huge tear sheet collection. I also LOVE coffee table picture books!

    Enjoy inspiration!

  3. Hi Noel,

    I guess for me, currently my inspiration comes from:

    i) looking through the couple of photographic mags I subscribe to
    ii) viewing the entries submitted by colleagues in my local camera club on competition nights
    iii) looking at the work I see on websites / blogs that I frequent

    Interesting to read about Glyn & Kelley keeping scrapbooks of images from magazines. Never thought of that one before, so there's another freebie nugget of advice I've gotten from my photo buddies!

    All the best,


  4. Thanks Guys for commenting

    @Glyn, I too watch movies, especially the 'film noir' genre. I just watched '39 Steps' great inspiration. I'd like to start a scrap book, but i don't think I am disciplined enough to keep it up. I just amass a mountain of magazines... Mrs H wants me to get rid of them!

    @Kelley I could rerad coffee table picture books all day... everyday. And that photo of your eldest daughter is fantastic and of another world. Definitely 'old world' I love it. Theres the metion of tear sheets again...

    @David I too get loads of inspiration from other photographers and their photographs. there is a vast welath of amazing talent out there... Glad to see this post brough up a nugget for you!

    Thanks again guys,