Saturday, 29 May 2010

Whats happening...?

There is never enough time in the day! I don't know if you find that, but I certainly do. So this is what I am up to at the moment.

Men and Fast Jets...
I had the privilege of photographing David as he took a jet flight he won recently. I am currently writing an article that wil go with the photographs, can't say too much yet, but it will be published this summer.

Fast Jets...
Project 52
Project 52 is coming to an end. I have one more shot to tak and then my own portrait to finish it.
It has been a long and exciting journey. I have certainly learnt a lot and met some extraordinary people.

Scott Kelby's Challenge
Scott Kelby has a challenge up on his blog check it out here, its a great cause and if you follow it will it will help others less fortunate than ourselves. Katy and I have our cameras ready and set for 36 shots, no cheating and we're off to a local bike event in the town near us. But its raining at the moment, so we'll have to improvise. Whatever happens we will be shooting and thats always fun.

Head shots.
I am starting a little project just for myself of taking 'dark' headshots; pictures with a twist to them rather like an Edgar Allen Poe story...

So there definitely isn't enough time in the day! How do you plan your  photography?
Have you got enough time in the day?
Thats all for now, take care


  1. I am inspired! You've got me thinking about a what to do next. I have been planning and plotting. Your Project 52 has set a fire under me and gotten the ball rolling...

    In answer to your question, I plan what to do by daydreaming. Thousands of ideas flood through my brain and I pick one. Sometimes I listen to fabulous music and think about how it sounds and what it would look like as a photograph. I think a note pad is imperative with this kind of planning, in case the ideas are fleeting one.

    Looking forward to future posts.


  2. Wow, Kelley, I am glad you like the post. Excellent. I always love your comments!

    Daydreaming, thats the place where I live! And as for notebooks, over here we have these ones called Moleskins, a bit expensive but I usually have two or three on the go at a time. I am constantly jotting down ideas and thoughts and scribbles.

    Music works for me too. I am listening to old punk records; I love the energy in the music. I think I am going through a gothic phase.

    So, what are you going to do Kelley? What project are you going to come up with? Next time those thousands of ideas flood through your brain, instead of picking one, pick two... or three or however many you want and just go mad with it. its great fun. let me know what you decide!

    Thanks for dropping in...
    Take care,

  3. Noel,

    I'm thinking of working on an ongoing self portrait. I want to create sets and allegories that depict certain events in my life that shaped who I have become. I'm thinking of a modern day Cindy Sherman look. It may become a bit intense, good for me but maybe a bit uncomfortable for others? I've decided to nurture the fine art side of my work. I'm just gonna go for it!

    What do you think?

  4. Hi Noel.

    Looking forward to seeing your results from Scott's challenge. I'll admit that I didn't get a chance to do it on Saturday but I hope to participate in some of his other challenges.

    I had hoped to be involved with the Photo Walk this year but it falls on my stepdaughter 18th birthday party so I'm going to be busy getting all the things in place for that. I understand you & Glyn are also tied up that w/e with a shoot.

    I guess at the moment most of my photography is based around the various competitions themes / assignments from the local camera club I joined this season. Not a challenging as a project 52 mind, but it certainly been a good experience for me and has helped me to think creatively and get out and take more photographs. I tend to use the dictionary or Wikipedia to analyse the set subject (e.g. Power, Emotion, Fabric) and go from their. Where possible though I try to think laterally or outside the box. I like to be creative in my interpretations rather than the normal or bog standard. Hopefully in that way I can get a more striking or stimulating image. It's certainly been a nice way to get back into photography after having strayed away from it for so long.

    I guess my next challenge is to learn more about strobism. From some of Glyn's & your postings I've learnt a lot already and I'm really looking forward to the launch of his workshop. Portraiture is something I particularly enjoy and I want to get better at using & controlling strobe light.

    @Kelley - The ongoing self portrait sounds like an excellent idea. Self portraits are something I've never touched on before (I've never been 'brave' enough, preferring to be on the other side of the lens) so all credit to you.



  5. David,
    Thanks for the push. It scares me too, but I think several ideas I have may not actually include my physical person. I'm sure you already know this but you can also follow the workshops on the "Strobist" site/blog. I have been wanting to do them for years and may make it part of my summer studies. And again, Glyn is a wealth of lighting knowledge too. It's just been such a pleasure to watch everyone work.


  6. David, Kelley, nothing like being a pusher! I think we all need a little push now and again.

    @David, using wikipedia is a great idea - I am a bit old fashioned, I have a thesaurus (did I spell that correctly?) and just flick through it - excellent source of inspiration.
    As far as that shoot on the photowalk weekend; I am not sure yet... Whatever project you decide to do, don't think about it for too long; just do something. And have a lot of fun doing it. That was my goal. And you cannot help but to learn a shedload on these projects.

    We still have to sort out that ruby... I'll email you and Glyn...

    @Kelley the Strobist site is an invaluable source of information. I went on his seminar when he came over in '08. Glyn was there to as it happens - he bought me lunch. It was good - he is every bit as eccentric as you would imagine, the Strobist that is.

    I, like David, am a bit too shy to be in front of the camera too long, but you see all you ladies are beautiful and shine when put in front of a camera!

    Thanks again for commenting