Monday, 26 April 2010

Project 52 ... 49

I'd like you to meet Christine. A wonderful Lady and very good friend to Catherine, my wife. Christine is a true academic, with more degrees and higher certificate stuff than you could shake a stick at... I'm not jealous... This shot is really a two part shot. The second will be in Christine's kitchen where she likes to cook and bake. So this is part one...
Christine, Project 52, #49
The location is Lily Hill Park in Bracknell. A fantastic woodland around what was once a stately home and is now a business centre... times change. It just happens to be one of Christine's favourite places to walk and think.

We arrived there late one Saturday evening; I had already been to Lily Hill Park many times before, so I had an idea of where the shot would be. But we did try several areas. The setup for this shot was an SB800 at half power, a shoot through white umbrella to camera left, held by my VAL, Catherine, triggered remotely.

Thank you Christine for being a great sport. And I am looking forward to part two ...

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  1. Nice post Noel; the image has an almost 'Pagan' feel to it which I really like.

    Thanks for sharing,