Thursday, 29 April 2010

here's looking at you!

What blogs do you follow? Which of the many out there has the content and the photographer's commitment to keeping it up, so much so that you go back to it again and again?

Here are a handful of the ones that I read most days.

This is my good friend and all round great guy; Glyn's blog; well known throughout the photography world as a portrait photographer with a difference. His blog shows fantastic photographs and, being one for giving; he explains how he set up the shots. Watch out for his upcoming workshops where he will impart his expertise.

This is the blog of Tim Wallace. Tim is probably one of the worlds most talented car photographers. His shots are truly amazing. If you haven't seen them yet stop reading this right now and click the link. he also does a mean portrait, check out his website to see what I mean!

The blog of Rick Wenner, a fashion photographer in New York. Simply amazing work. Go see.

The man responsible for the global shortage of cheap second hand flashguns; David Hobby, off camera flash guru. Nothing more to be said really, except I don't think he likes Chocolate Kimberleys... go figure...

A great blog by a great photographer; Zack Arias. A music and portrait photographer who'se blog keeps onshowing me different ways to use just one light, and cheap speedlights at that. A blog with a great sense of humour too!
Scott kelby's blog. The world's leading light on Photoshop. To not visit this blog is to miss out on something big. He write great books too!
Wonderful, witty fabulous photographs by Joe McNally. You must also read his books; The Moment it Clicks and Hotshoe Diaries, both fabulous books on the use of off camera flash and lighting techniques.Joe's blog is great fun to read.
The blog for wedding photographers. Not one to miss... ever.
The blog of David Ziser another fantastic portrait and wedding photographer. His blog is packed out with loads of 'stuff'. The techiniques are explained and made simple so even I can understand them!
A blog I only recently discovered; Kelley Simpson's blog. Another from over across the pond. Kelley's blog is packed full of photos with charm and emotion. Always worth a visit.

I love finding someone that I haven't seen before. Its great to make a discovery of a photographer on the other side of the planet that shares the same love of shooting portraits that you do!

Amazing, the world gets smaller and smaller, but with this we can make our ideas bigger; by sharing.

So, who'se blogs do you read?

Finally, a big thank you to all those who blog, you know who you are... Thanks for sharing.


  1. Hey Noel,

    Thanks so much for including me in this post :)
    Great list of blogs and I'm loving the photo accompanying it too!

    Geez what blogs do I read??? Way too many to list mate; thankfully Google Reader plays it's part in helping me keep them organised though. Needless to say your is definitely one of them though.

    All the best to you,
    Speak soon,

  2. Hey Glyn, thanks for the comments, yeah, I know what you mean - too many blogs too little time!

    take care

  3. Thanks a lot Noel for including me in this list of such great photographers. I really do appreciate it!


  4. No problem Rick, your blog is an inspiration...


  5. Noel, thanks for a few pointers here. I follow several of the blogs you've mentioned such Glyn's and those from across the pond like Rick's, Scott's & Joe. Some of the other blogs that I enjoy following are:

    1. David duChemin:-
    Inspirational American travel photographer.

    2. Sean McCormack:-
    Expert Lightroom tips from a fellow Irishman in the know. (1 of 3 of his blogs)

    3. Matt Kloskowski:-
    Expert Lightroom tips from one of the 'Photoshop Guys'. (Can you tell I use Lightroom?). Although Matt's well know for his tuition skills, I think he's a really talented photographer in his own right too - just take a look at his portfolio:-

    4. David J Nightingale
    A UK based fine-art photographer


  6. David, thanks for the comments. You are riught these are great photographers as well. I have Vision Mongers, David duChemin's book - if you haven't read it, then buy it now.

    I sdhall check out Sean, Matt's and David's this evening.

    Thanks for the heads up.


  7. Noel,
    Thank you so much for the kind words, I am thrilled! I have so enjoyed getting to know you better and loved visiting "blogfully". I am inspired!

  8. kelley, wow, there's a comment. It was worth mentioning you just for that!
    ps I am looking forward to your pin-up shoot!