Monday, 8 March 2010

Guest Blogger over at Glyn Dewis' new home...

I have just had the great honour of being the first Guest Blogger at Glyn's new blog; thats him below...
Glyn, London Walkabout December '09
Photography as a medium and an art form seems to being groups like minded people together to share a common want and need; to be creative and see something in a moment that maybe, just maybe makes the ordinary extraordinary. Glyn has been making amazing and fantastic changes to his photography over the last year or so and I am delighted to have been a very small part of that. I posted one of my favourite techniques, a party trick that every photographer knows; painting with light.
Good Luck Glyn
I had great fun with these shoes... take that any way you like... and they seem to have become a sort of signature shot now.

But the photographs aside, this is what its all about and Glyn has put his finger on the pulse; sharing as part of a community of photographers. And having fun. Glyn has opened his blog up and no doubt greater photographers will follow me.  And before anyone asks, no, that is not me wearing them... I wouldn't have been able to stand in them; run to trip the shutter and then paint the light trail... not that I tried you understand...

You can see it at do check it out...

Thanks again Glyn


  1. completely smashed it!!! Great post with great photographs; thank you so much for taking the time to write for the blog. You've certainly set a high standard for future Monthly Guests.

    All the very best to you,

  2. Hey Glyn,
    thanks for both the opportunity to be a guest blogger and for the great comments on the pictures. It was great fun. And hopefully I'll do it again sometime!