Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Chiltern Building Design Awards...

The Chiltern Building Design Awards are an annual competition that seeks to promote and reward innovative and sympathetic architecture and design in The Chilterns. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; it is very important that the character of the building match the charcter of their surroundings. 

This is the second year I have been commissioned to photograph buildings for Danks Badnell LLP, a firm of Chartered Architects based in Windsor. Danks Badnell have been very successful in this competition over the years; Roger Danks, Senior Partner received a commendation for a converted barn last year and Christopher Gregory, Partner was the overall winner in 2008, the year before, for an Arts and Crafts house in Penn.


Situated in Henley on Thames, the shoot happened at 9:00am one Monday morning. Time and sun was against us; but this was the only window of opportunity; it had to be then. I would have loved to have waited for the perfect sunset or misty dawn, but that was not to be. While the sun was a bit harsh, the morning was probably one of the best ones we have had this year yet! So I wasn't complaining. The subjects were a lychgate, a belvedere and a cottage. The design of these were such that you would be forgiven to think they had been there for years.Carefully selected oak timbers, meticulous detailing and attention to the locale are what makes these designs special.

There are more photos and words on Noel's website,, in the News section

More of Danks Badnell's projects can be seen here.
Roger or Christopher can be contacted here.


  1. Hi Noel,
    Great job on the photos, and I'm really liking the brochure design / logo etc...

    Gotta say the building work is unbelievable how it's made to look so much older than it is; very impressive indeed.

    Fingers crossed for the competition results,
    All the best,

  2. Hi Glyn,

    thank you for your comments - yes its amazing how the timbers are chosen to look aged. Great fun.

    take care