Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay... Windsor

Its not everyday that the Olympic games come around, actually it's every four years... But it's a once in a lifetime event when it comes to where you live. How could I miss out on this. The Olympic Torch is continuing its relay all around the country and this week, last Tuesday, it visited Windsor. I took a late look, grabbed my camera and set out to find a vantage point along the Long Walk in the shadow of Windsor Castle.

When I first came to these shores, compared to the Irish weather, I thought it was tropical over here!  Well I must be getting acclimatized after all these years; it was cold and raining. Reminded me of home.

What a great sight it was to see the flame that embodies the Spirit of The Games! I can't wait for them to start!

The crowds that braved the elements were fantastic! There was an Army Brass Band, a choir, rides for children and of course the usual trinket touts.

Roll on the Games, I am one of the lucky ones with tickets!

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