Sunday, 4 September 2011

Here Come The Girls!!!

Yes, its that time again, the time of leaving primary school and going to secondary school. It's a big deal, and a great step forward in their lives.

To mark this occasion, Katy and the girls of St. Joseph's Class of 2011, made a trip to GDS Studios in Wokingham. Great fun was had by all; we had formal young ladies, we had pyjama fights and we had St Trinians! And before you ask, yes I was shattered afterwards! A big thanks to the girls for being such fun, the mothers who stayed to help keep order and to Gareth for keeping his sanity throughout the afternoon. A special thanks goes to Catherine, my wonderful wife, and Katy for organising the logistics of the day.

So, girls, good luck in your next school, and well done for all the great things you achieved in St. Josephs.

And to all the secondary schools that the girls are going to, all I can say is;

watch out! here come the girls!

It was also an opportunity for the girls to say a heartfelt thank you and goodbye to a teacher that had been with them throughout their stay at St. Josephs; Mrs Sparrow.

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