Thursday, 18 August 2011

#curryclub update... Film results are in!

We had our first #curryclub photo shoot last month. I had the auspicious task of organising it. We had three great models; Lou, Rhianne and Elan.

I decided to make it interesting and set a theme. I chose 'film' and asked all the photographers to take one roll of film. We all shoot digital, so I thought it would be interesting to see how we would get on with traditional materials and cameras.

I brought along my trusty Bronica ETRSi, but I didn't use it; I did shoot through it though. Here are the images.

Glyn, shot through a Bronica ETRSi

But the idea was to shoot a roll of film. I wanted to do something different. I shot with a Holga; one of those plastic cameras. It has a hotshoe so it did trigger the studio lights. This was interesting, because firing the shutter there was two distinct sounds; one when the shutter fired and one, presumeably, when the shutter armed again. This second click fired the trigger again. Unusual.

Elan and Rhianne

Elan and Rhianne


Yorick again


A Happy Accident!

What was interesting about shooting fim was the waiting for it to be returned. I shot a roll of Kodak Portra 120 film colour negative film that I had at the back of the fridge in the garage. I had no idea how it was going to come out because it certainly was past its sell by date. Also, there is no setting the ISO on the Holga. Its a zone focus, one of those lenses that has little pictures on it, you know the ones; a head, a full body, a mountain, that sort of thing. All things being equal, I was not expecting crystal sharp photographs. And before you ask... the double exposures were meant!

Shooting film again was great fun, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!


  1. I think my film from the #curryclub is still currently in storage, part used in the camera. Probably needs a few years of 'maturing' before I find it and get round to processing it.

    biggest surprise was how much I look at the LCD when shooting, the black plastic back of the film camera was never looked at so much before!

  2. Hey Brian, thanks for dropping in! And for the comment.
    Now, go find your roll of film, take it out of the camera.... Yes they do open! And send it off.
    It will remind you of the old days... ;)