Saturday, 16 July 2011

#curryclub shoot results...

There is a group of us that gets together every month or so for a curry. We have a beer, great food and chat about photography and anything else that takes or fancy. At the last curry night, we decided to get together for a shoot every month and then go for a curry. Last weekend saw the inaugural #curryclub photo shoot. Here are the shots I took.

I organized the first shoot and decided, with a little help from Gareth, to theme it 'film'. Us photographers could interpret that as we would, I also asked that we each shoot a roll of film, more about that later...

We had three models on the day, Elan, Rhianne and Lou.

Rhianne + Elan

Elan + Rhianne

During the morning session I shot Elan + Rhianne as a very well dressed couple. Elan is an actor, so to him 'acting' was easy and Rhianne just followed his lead. Their chemistry on set was fantastic.

Elan The Photographer

Keeping the 'film' theme going, in the afternoon session I got Elan to play the part of a photographer shooting Rhianne. This was great fun and again both Elan and Rhianne proved to be very natural in front of and 'nehind' the camera.

Part of the deal for Elan was that we would provide a selection of headshots for his portfolio for his interviews and auditions. This was my offering.


The shot above is more or less straight out of camera. A few tweaks in Lightroom, but thats all. I then started playing around with in it the iPad app 'Snapseed' by Nik Software. They make great software for the photographic world and their iPad app is no different. It is very, very good.

Elan (with a little help from Snapseed)

And in this shot you can see we had two Profoto softboxes to either side of Elan and Rhianne and Octabox on a boom and a white seamless backdrop. This was over in the great Gareth Davies Studio in Wokingham. If you get a chance to use the studio, do so, just don't ask whats in the cupboard...

The behind the scene shot of Elan + Rhianne

We also had Lou, a confirmed 'Goth' young lady. Lou is relativley new to modelling but gave us some great photos on the day. Here she is against a background of stars that I added in in post in Photoshop. I also did some minor retouching a la Scott Kelby's new book 'Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers'. I used a Wacom tablet for the first time, takes a bit of getting used to but wow, does it make a difference.


The behind the scene shot of Lou

This was the set up we used for shooting Lou. A pair of Profoto softboxes to either side and a beauty dish overhead. This is David shooting Lou with his 'Alas poor Horatio...' skull. Very suitable for a goth...

A big thank you to our models; Lou, Rhianne and Elan. They worked tirelessly all day for us on a TFCD basis, (we did feed and water them too). To Gareth for having a great studio. To Catherine and Katy for providing the wonderful lunch. And to the members of the #curryclub that were there on the day, Gareth, Glyn, David, Brian, Dave and me. To those that couldn't be there, you were missed and hope to see you on the next shoot.

Now there was one other thing... Shooting a roll of film. This was interpreted in many different ways. One photographer used an iPhone to shoot a roll of film! I shot a roll on an old Holga, complete with transmitter to trigger all the flash heads. And in the tradition of film, as I will have to wait a week or so for the results in the post, so will you!
Watch this space.

I am already looking forward to the next shoot!


  1. Great post Noel, i missed a really good day by the looks of it. Loving Elan the photographer shot and his sooc head shot, very nice work mate

  2. Hi Keith, we had a blast, as you will on the next one! Thanks for the comments mate

  3. Some great work there Noel. One thing that comes out clearly from your shots was the effectiveness of the props to help the models 'perform' on the day. Shots look mighty fine too

  4. Thanks Brian,
    I wanted to give them something to do hence the Bronica and it kept on with the 'film' theme!
    They were all great models on the day.
    Looking forward to seeing your shots!

  5. Real good account of the day mate and great to see your images too but where's the group/individual attendees collage? Get it on here mate so others can see cos it works really well :)

    Looking forward to the next one,

  6. Awesome! It looks looks like a good time to me. PS I loved the the snapspeed image! Can't wait to see your film images.

  7. Awesome! Looks like such a good time. I love the snapspeed shot, how cool is that? I'm looking forward to seeing the images made of film!