Sunday, 24 April 2011

A new arrival...

Say hello to Minky, the newest arrival in the Hannan household. She has been with us for about three months now and is definitely part of the family!

A Jack Russel Terrier, she was a rescue dog. We are told she was abandoned and found wandering the streets. We think she is only about a year old, but fortunately she is house trained!

Minky #1

Minky #2

Now if we could only get her to stop chasing pigeons...


  1. DARLING! One of my favorite breeds. I fell in love with Jack Russels when a children's show called Wishbone was on TV. She's darling, what a fabulous find she is!

  2. Kelley, she is, she has changed the family and for the better! We were lucky to find her, the dogs home get so many bull terriers that are not wanted, when jack russell's pop upnthey are snapped up very quickly. It is beyond me how anyone can mistreat an animal...

    She is sleeping on the sofa next to Catherine while we are watching tv.

    Have a great Easter,