Monday, 4 October 2010

Once in a while...

a real bargain comes along...!
Fuji S1 Pro
(photo by Fuji)

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I buy a lot of my books, especially fiction, in charity shops; you get a good read and your helping out in a little way too.

You can imagine my surprise, when recently I saw a Fuji S1 Pro in the window of such a shop. I immediately asked how much and was told that the body was a mere £19.99 and it came with a Tamrac bag, a Sigma 28 - 105 lens, three assorted flashguns, a handy little strobist style off camera hot shoe cable thing and a 1 gb Cf card. What a bargain. The camera is in mint condition, I only hads to buy a set of batteries.

The S1 pro cam into existence in 2000 as a pro spec model offering 6 mega pixels as opposed to Nikon's D1 which was barely 3Mp at the time. It did this by using Fuji's own special sensor. Its body was plastic to touch by today's standards; it was based around the Nikon F60. It was replaced in 2001 by the S2 then the S3 and finally the S5 which is based on the D200 body, one of the camera's I use. I have briefly played with it, but will test it out and post the results here.

The moral of the story is, check out those charity shops - you never know what you are going to get!


  1. Swweeet! Well, done on the good find, lucky duck!

  2. Yes, Kelley, the luck of the Irish was upon me!