Thursday, 26 August 2010

Project 52 ... 52

The End. Finally. The project has finished and what a journey it has been. I couldn't have done it without the help of my daughter, Katy. So it was only fair that she got to take the last portrait; me.

Here is Katy's experience of the shoot...

This was the last portrait of 52 in 'project 52' and one of my first photo shoots. Taking photos with my Dad is always fun but when he isn't behind the camera he has no control on how I take the photo  IT'S GREAT! I used one flash; an SB800, fired into a reflective umbrella which I closed down to limit the spill of light.We tried using a reflector behind Dad's head but I wasn't happy with the results. We also tried putting a flash with a grid behind his head but the light was too powerful even at the lowest setting. it took a while to get the shot I wanted, but it was worth it. I had lots of fun.   

Thanks Katy, for taking a great shot, even if it is of me. And it was a different experience to be behind the camera for a change.


  1. You made it...Project 52 is complete!!!
    Now the book; and I definitely want a copy...signed :)

    Well done to you mate; some really great shots throughout the series. Question is...what's the next project for Noel Hannan?

    Well done too to Katy; great shot of your Dad...a real nice character portrait!!! Something tells me we have a future Photog' on our hands and a darned good one too!


  2. Congratulation Noel, so many people start these projects and not finish them, a great achievement. Katy is definitly hot on your heals and must have paid attention to your teachings, well done Katy that is a cracking portrait of Dad.
    I hope we meet up again sometime Noel, my best wishes to your lovely family. Regards Keith

  3. @ Glyn, thanks Glyn, I appreciate it I hope I will become a future photographer, but with a photographer like my dad, i have big shoes to fill, literally :)

    @Keith, thanks for the comment Keith. I helped my Dad on most of his shoots. I look forward to helping him on his next photography adventure.

    Cheers, Katy:)

  4. Hi Glyn, Keith, thank you both for checking the post out. Katy did a great job and we had a blast doing it. I wasn't 100% comfortable on the other side of the camera though!!

    @Glyn, As for the next project, don't know yet, but I want to do something a bit dark and gothic.

    @Keith, it would be great to meet up, perhaps a curry or a few beers...

    And a big thank you to both of you for the kind words of encouragement to Katy,
    all the best
    Noel (older gentleman)

  5. And I meant to say Glyn.. the book is in pre-production. Not sure what that term means, but it sounds good! I am putting it together at the moment... watch this space


  6. Hi Noel,

    Many congrats on completing this project. Apt that it should be a portrait of yourself for the finale and a great one it is too from the hands of Katy - well done. Definitely a future photographer there as Glyn says.

    Must give you a call soon about another meet-up.

    Best wishes,


    BTW Is that an ETRSi in the shot?

  7. Hi David,
    thanks for commenting and thanks for the kind words for Katy - She did a great job with me on all the shoots, not just this one. I decided that I would be the last one and that Katy would take it as a sort of thank you form me to her.

    Yep, thats a Bronica ETRSi, still going strong and still in mint condition. I never used it enough, but really enjoyed when I did.

    Another curry would be great...

    @David, thanks alot, the shoot was great fun,

    thanks again,

  8. Wonderful post and I am a fan of Katy! I love the photograph of you, very beautiful and professional.

    The best to you and the best to Katy!

  9. Kelley,
    thanks again, I be sure to tell Katy that you are a fan! She loves taking photos as much as I do!