Sunday, 31 May 2009

Project 52 ... 2

This is Cein.

D200, Nikon 105 vr with SB 800 in softbox to camera right

This shot was taken in daylight in a dining room, there was a fair amount of sunlight (given it was the second week in January!) coming through the windows.

I wanted to create a shot that solely focused on Cein. So I set the camera manually, chose a small aperture to give a limited depth of field and positioned the softbox close to the side of his face. The net result of this was that the only light in the room that the camera was seeing, was falling on Cein's face and so the background was thrown into complete darkness.

The 105mm VR lens on the D200 is subject to the 1.5 x factor magnification which makes it into a great portrait lens. It is also tack sharp. The SB 800 was triggered by the SU 4 built in super slave. I used the pop-up flash on the camera set at 1/16th power to merely trigger the SB 800. It did not add any light of consequence to the photograph.

I cannot remember the camera settings, but they don't really matter. More on this later.

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